Car Pump Seal
      Grundfos Pump Seal
      Foods Pump Seal
      Twin Robe Pump Seal
      Rubber Bellow Seal
      O-Ring Type Seal
         ISO Standard
         DIN24960 Standard
      Cartridge Seal
         Slurry Pump Seal
         Desulphurization Pump Seal
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Physical exercise can bulid a health and stronge body, which is able to create a unbending spirit in job. This is the Fangli's Spirit. It is a very significant basketball game between Fangli team and Government Team. We welcome all friends come to changellage our team in the spare time and get more communication during the game.
They play basketball when they are in break after the lunch. Healthy is the first important condition for working hard.
In order to promote the initiation of staffs, we often hold the small sports game. Help them make relax from work.
Besides the general manager of Fangli seals Co.,Ltd donated money to survivors through the government when Sichuan earthquake happened, all company staffs organized voluntary contributions by themselves.