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1 Description of fitting and operating

It needs chamfer 3x10° in shoulder of Axis (or shaft gasket) and chamfer 1.5-3x20° in seal ring-side seat of seal cover when the mechanical seal is installed. The sharp edge and burr should be removed.
The surface quality should be inspected before the mechanical seal installed. Particularly for checking seal face of primary and mating ring has no nick or bruise. It must be fixed If it has any damage. The surface of seal parts has to be cleaned, and the seal face of primary and mating rings should be oiled.
The parts of rubber seal can be oiled for lubricate, but EP-rubber and Butyl rubber can not touch with oil, or detergent liquid and soap liquid is recommended to use in the position.
* Type V opening of Teflon seal ring need face to medium pressure direction when teflon seal is installed.
The rotating direction of spring should be noticed especially when one-way rotation mechanical seal is installed. The rotating direction of spring and Axis should be in the same direction for fixing spring increasingly tight. Be certain of rotating direction of Axis should be look forwards mating ring to primary ring. Clockwise direction is right-handed and anti-clockwise id left-handed.
 The groups of screw should be screwed down uniformly when the set screw and end cover-connecting screw are installed.
Please don't stroke seal parts in the process of installing.
The installed mechanical seal should be twisted in according with direction of Axis for testing its ingenuity when the mechanical seal is finished installing. It must be inspected and adjusted when any abnormal phenomenon happened in the process.
Before the equipment works, the sealed chamber should be full of liquid medium or seal liquid. The individual protection systems of sealed cycle should be started first. The individual protection systems of sealed cycle should be switched off in few munites after the equipment working stop.
The seal liquid must be curtained cycle and the pressure of seal liquid must be 0.1-0.2MPa higher than medium pressure when the double mechanical seal been using.
In order to operating normally, the crystals around in seals face and seal chamber should be washed away. It minimise its adverse effects.

2 Brief description of choosing products

Unbalance swited to the conditions of good lubrication medium and the pressure is less than 0.8MPa
* Balance swited to the condition s of Poor lubrication medium and the pressue is more than 0.8MPa
* Spring layout depend on Linear spead.
* The product temprature of using depend on safty temprature of seal material.
* We provide service of choosing or designing product for customers if customers need.